Used Rink Flooring available w Donation - League Fundraiser

Sport Court or Flight Deck

UpdatedThursday April 28, 2022 byMark Rogers.

SIHL Members,

 As you may know, over the course of the last several years SIHL has worked hard to replace their hockey floor (twice).  As a result, we are giving away the excess of old flooring that is available.  While some of the floor is not in perfect condition, there is a significant amount that is available that is perfectly functional.  Currently, the flooring is being stored at the private residence of one of our former board members.  As a fund raiser for the league, we would like to offer portions of the floor for sale to the community.  It is estimated that we have approximately 11,000 (12" x 12") tiles of the old solid floor (Sport Court) and another 20,000+ smaller (9.8" x 9.8") tiles that are perforated (newer floor – Versa Court Flight Deck).  Single sheets of each floor (4 tiles x 4 tiles - larger or 5 tiles x 5 tiles - smaller) are available for your donation to SIHL and if you want larger quantities, that can be worked out. 

These sheets are available for pickup by appointment.  Please let me know if you are interested in getting some tiles and we will coordinate a time and date. Your help is greatly appreciated as eventually we will have to dispose of the floor and that will cost the league money!


Thank You,


Scott Foster