Frequently Asked Questions

UpdatedTuesday November 5, 2019 byDaniel Goggiano.

  1. When does registration open?
    • Registration typically opens in August of each year but is sometimes delayed until September depending on how quickly we can obtain our insurance.  The American Athletic Union (AAU) does not open the insurance season until August 16th of each year.
  2. How much is registration?
  3. How is the adult league structured?
    • Our adult league features three divisions:
      • Adult A - Competitive : This divsion focuses on competitive hockey with intermediate to advanced players throughout the divsion.  Games are played on Thursday nights.
      • Adult B - Recreational : This division focused on recreational hockey for players who are beginner through intermediate level.  Games are played on Saturdays.
      • Lunch Time : This is an ad-hoc group that plays on selected weekdays during the lunch hour.  It is comprised of all skill levels but focuses on recreational play.  There are no scheduled games for this league and all players who are registered for either Adult A or Adult B can participate in Lunch Time hockey as it occurs.
  4. How is the youth league structured?
    • The youth league is comprised of age based divisions.
      • 8U - Instructional.  Open to all skill levels for players 8 and under.  No skating experience is required.  
  5. Do I select my own team?
    • Adults can select their own team however the league meets ahead of the official posting of rosters and may re-assign players to help balance the level of play.  We always try to work wtih individuals on reassignment to take carpooling and scheduling into account.
  6. When is practice (youth)?
    • All schedules are published through SportsSignUp and that is the official schedule for the league.
    • Practice days are as follows :
      • Monday - 8U
      • Tuesday - 11U
      • Wednesday - 14U / High School
      • Sunday - Youth Drop-In
  7. When are games scheduled?
    • Adult A - Competitive : Thursday Nights
    • Adult B - Recreational : Saturdays
    • Youth 12U, 14U and High School : Friday Nights
  8. When is Adult Drop-In?
    • Adult Drop-In is hosted in a best effort fashion.  Schedules on SportsSignUp are the official schedule however we do our best to host Adult Drop-In on Monday evenings after youth practice.
  9. How long is the season?
    • Our rink typically opens in November
    • Youth Pre-season and Adult Regular Season usually happen in December.
    • Youth Regular Season starts in January.
    • Youth End of Season / Playoffs usually happen in late Februrary / Early March.
    • Adult Season wraps up in March.
    • Adult Playoffs are held in April.
    • The rink is closed down in the second half of April.
  10. Are there travel or local tournaments (youth)?
    • Yes, we usually try to have at least one travel tournament a year.  Additionally we try to host at least one tournament a year.  Details vary from season to season and will be communicated to the league.  Tournaments are an additional fee for all participants.