2017-2018 Youth Program Update - Registration Open

Updated Tuesday August 22, 2017 by Daniel Goggiano.

We are pleased to announce that our web portal is NOW open for registration (http://www.sierrainlinehockey.com).  There are several changes that are happening this year and some news that we want to share along the way as well so please take a look at the information below and let me know if you have any questions at all.  I apologize for the lengthy email but wanted to share as much information as possible.

Changes and Survey Results

Thanks to all of you who took the time to complete our survey during the summer.  The survey is intended to highlight areas where SIHL is doing well as an organization as well as to identify issues that could potentially be alleviated through small changes.  To that end, there are a few things that we are changing.

  1. The notification process and timeliness of notifications regarding rink closures due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances were identified numerous times in survey results.  The 2016-2017 winter was a wild ride and we ended up canceling practices and games more often than we would have hoped.  For the upcoming season we are committed to the following:
    1. Notifications will occur at least 2 hours in advance of a cancellation.  Please recognize that weather in Northern Nevada is quite variable and there were many times when we were simply holding out in hopes of having a practice or games.  That said, we have many families traveling to get to Carson for the scheduled events and it is only fair that they get sufficient notice.
    2. Notifications will be sent out through the following mechanisms:
      • Website – Any closure will be posted on the home page of our website (http://www.sierrainlinehockey.com)
      • Email – An email will be sent out to all the email addresses you have registered on our website.
      • SMS (text message) – A text message will go out to everyone who has “Opted-In” for text messaging.  To do this, please login to your account, click “Account Settings” (right side) and make sure your mobile phone is in your profile (under “Account Information”.  Then click “Mobile Phone Settings” (right side), click enable texting and then complete the process by following the directions on the screen.  If the only option is to “disable texting” then you are already receiving text messages!  Standard text messaging rates apply.
      • Facebook – a post will be made on the SIHL Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/SierraInlineHockey).
  2. By the numbers.  From the survey we collected quite a bit of info…here are some interesting highlights:
    • 44 respondents.  Of them, more than 72% said their children(s) experience with the league was Good or Excellent.  Only 4.55% said needs improvement.
    • Nearly 64% of respondents only have one child participating.
    • We had representation from all youth divisions.
    • Parent communication was listed by 8 out of 36 responses (not everyone answered each question) as Unacceptable or Needs Improvement.
    • Approximately 25% of respondents were not sure they were coming back this year mostly due to late cancellation notices and scheduling conflicts.
    • 25 of 36 respondents said they were “NOT INTERESTED” in helping to improve the league or donating time in general.
  3. Jerseys.  We are changing the way we are doing jerseys for youth.  This year, as with last year, jerseys are included in the registration IF, and only if, your registration is completed no later than October 15th.  After that date, Jerseys will be an additional $20 and their arrival time will be uncertain.  For those that register by October 15th, the order will go in in early November which should allow distribution no later than early December.  This will put us way ahead of where we were this year for distribution.  We are still undecided about whether we will allow players to choose their numbers but we will likely go to reversible jerseys this year to allow for more flexibility in allowing players to play across teams.
  4. AAU Insurance.  For the 2017-2018 Youth Session, all AAU insurance will be included in registration fees.  This means that you will not need to go to a separate site and register and that the insurance fee has been added to your registration fee.

Season Information – TENTATIVE Dates

8/16/2017 – Registration Open

Mid/Late-September – Fundraising Calendar Released AND Open Skate Dates Announced

9/30/2017 – Last Day for Early Registration Discount

10/1/2017 – 10/7/2017 – Rink and Flooring Setup

10/15/2017 – Last Day for Regular Youth Registration

10/16/2017 – Late Registration Period Opens for Youth (additional cost and unknown jersey arrival dates)

Early November – Practices Begin

December – Games Begin for Ages 9+

Flooring Update

As you are all aware, our flooring is in need of repair.  We have made progress toward fundraising in the off season but will have additional activity during the season.  This will include fundraising nights at various venues, etc.  In addition, we will be holding a clothing drive.  All of that said, our goal is to be able to replace our flooring in time for the 2018-2019 season (next year).  In order to accomplish this, we still need your help.  I’d ask you to please refer to the fundraising email I sent out several months ago.

Player (youth) Access to SIPlay

SIPlay is our registration and website platform.  It was new last year and has worked well and cut expenses for the league.  There is an optional feature to allow your children access to the environment which I personally recommend, especially for those kids who have their own smart phone.  If you simply go into your account, click on your child from the main screen, select edit (on the right side) and then scroll down to “Child Login Email” you can simply add their personal email address (ie. mykid@aol.com), click save and they will receive login information in their email.  They can then download the SIPlay app from the Apple App Store or from Google Play and login.  This will allow them to access team specific information and to interact with their peers on the TeamWALL, a feature which we haven’t used in the past but allows for secured sharing of information and things like photos from games.  This also allows for them to be held accountable for making it to practices/games and being aware of changes!

Play It Again Sports

Joe Stein at Play It Again has continuously partnered with SIHL.  Right now, there is a 20% off sale going on for all hockey stuff.  If you say you are from SIHL I think you’ll get another 10% added to the discount.  They don’t have much in the way of elbow pads right now but there is a good selection of sticks, some helmets and other padding.  Also, he has plenty of the consumables- tape and pucks should need some!

CCM Skills App

For those youth that want some practice outside of the typical practice, I’ve found a decent application that is available on both iPhone and Android…It has a progression of skills that you can practice at home with a little bit of space.  The app is called CCM Skills and it is free.

Call to Action

As a community youth league we understand that there are many commitments in life and that your time is extremely valuable.  The bottom line for the SIHL, however, is that 90% of the work is all volunteer based.  We need your help to make things successful.  Specifically, we need the following:

  • Coaches
  • Scorekeepers
  • Team/Division Managers
  • Snack Shack Attendees
  • Board Members
  • Tournament Volunteers
  • And more…

The only way we will be able to continue to improve this program is with your help.  There will be more information sent out as the season gets underway but if you have any time to invest, please let me know.  You can also proceed with registering as a volunteer within the web portal.  I am sure we can find some work for you and it will be greatly appreciated by us all!

I am looking forward to getting things going!  Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions!

Dan Goggiano
Youth Coordinator
Sierra Inline Hockey League