January 2017 Elko Tournament Results

Updated Wednesday January 11, 2017 by Daniel Goggiano.

We had a great tournament in Elko, NV over the past weekend (January 7-8, 2017).  We participated in three divisions, U10, U14 and High School.  In addition to Elko, we had teams from Pocatello, ID.  Overall, the tournament went very well.  Coaches, parents and coordinators from all groups were a pleasure to deal with and the venue was great.

Our U10 team battled the Elko U10 division and together with a couple of U10 players from Pocatello (who didn't have enough for an entire team).  They played a total of four games and won each game with guidance from Fritz Griffin and Mike Hardy as their coaches.

Our U14 team played a total of four games, two against Elko and two against Pocatello.  We started out slow but we were able to win the final game we played (against Pocatello) in overtime.  This was a big boost for all the players as it was the final game of the tournament.  I coached the U14 team along with Matt Beers.

The High School team had three players from the U14 side and a number of players that are on the Nevada Jr. Wolfpack Ice Team.  They worked hard against strong teams from both Elko and Pocatello.  The farther we went into the tournament, the better the team did.  In spite fo great coaching by Louie Trio and Kevin Jones, we were not able to convert to a win.

We are looking forward to hosting Elko in the President's Day tournament next month here in Carson.  The kids did great and we all had fun.