Sierra Inline Hockey League By-Laws

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By-Laws of the Sierra In-line Hockey League
As Approved and Take Effect on April 12, 2005
Revised: January 5, 2006, October, 2007, May 8, 2017

Article I: Name

The name of the non-profit organization is '"Sierra In-line Hockey League," (hereafter referred to as “SIHL”).

Article II: Purpose

The purpose of SIHL is to promote amateur in-line hockey in compliance with the rules and regulations of USA Roller Sports; and to especially develop and encourage sportsmanship between all players for the betterment of their physical and social well-being; to encourage and improve the standard of in-line hockey in the State of Nevada; to associate with other hockey organizations; to conduct hockey tournaments and any and all acts desirable in the furtherance of the foregoing purposes.

Article III: Membership

Membership consists of all properly enrolled players in any division sponsored by the league and the parents, guardians, and legal representatives of the players under the age of 18. Membership also includes any other persons who have a general interest in the purposes of SIHL as described in Article II above.

Article IV: Board of Directors

Section 1: The Board of Directors (hereafter referred to as “Board”) will consist of officers and board members. The officers are President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer. The majority of the aforementioned officers must reside within the city limits of Carson City. Board members include Head Referee, Equipment and Facilities Director, Head Scorekeeper, Fundraising Coordinator, Youth League Coordinator, Adult League Coordinator, Public Relations Manager, Website Manager, Tournament Director and Parent Coordinator.

Section 2: General Powers - The management of the league shall be vested in the Board who shall have the authority to do all things necessary for the orderly management of the league including, but not limited to establishing rules and regulations to implement the purposes of the league. All monies can be handled by any board member with proper documentation provided to treasurer.

Section 3: General Duties - All members of the Board shall assist in the set up and take down of the rink. They must attend all monthly Board meetings or inform the secretary of their absence prior to the meeting. All Board Members must check their SIHL email to least once a week regarding league business. All Board Members must attend or assist will major events that are sponsored by SIHL including but not limited to registration, tournaments, parent meetings and fundraisers.

Article V: Officers

The officers of the Board are the President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.

Section 1: Powers of Officers - In addition to the general powers of the Board as outlined in Article IV, Section 2, the officers have the added authority to authorize expenditures and establish a budget. All contracts between league and any third party must be signed by a minimum of two officers.

Section 2: President - The President shall run all meetings in accordance with the most recent Robert’s Rules of Order. The President does not have a vote unless there is a tie and then he/she is the tie breaking vote. The President is responsible for running the elections. The President shall be the official representation of SIHL to Carson City. This entails an oral monthly status report to the Director of Parks, Recreation and Open Space including but not limited to all necessary maintenance to the facility and a general status report of the league as well as attending essential Parks and Recreation board meetings and meeting with the Carson City Youth Sports Authority or sending a designee to the meetings. The President shall be a signer on SIHL's banking account.

Section 3: Vice President- In the absence of the President or in the event of his/her inability or refusal to act, the Vice President shall perform the duties of the president and when so acting shall have all the powers of the president as outlined in Article V Section 2. The Vice President must be a second counter and certify the elections of board members. The Vice President is the head of the disciplinary action committee. In the absence of the President, the Vice President or designee will attend the Parks and Recreation board meetings and the Carson City Youth Sports Authority meetings. The Vice President is responsible for assisting the Equipment and Facilities Director as needed.

Section 4: Secretary- The Secretary shall be responsible for taking and keeping a permanent record of the minutes and agendas of all meetings of the Board as well as generating the agenda for subsequent meetings with input from other board members. The agenda shall include a comment from the public section at the beginning of each meeting. The minutes and agenda for the board meeting will be distributed at the beginning of each meeting as well as emailed prior to each meeting. The previous meeting’s minutes shall be approved at the beginning of each meeting. The Secretary must keep an accurate record of the addresses and phone numbers of each member of the Board. The Secretary shall perform all duties incident to the office of Secretary.

Section 5: Treasurer- The Treasurer shall act as custodian of the funds of the organization and collect and deposit all monies due from members and fundraisers. He/she shall keep an accurate accounting of monies received and dispersed. A report of the financial condition of the league shall be given at each regular meeting of the Board. A written financial report shall be submitted at the annual meeting of the members of the league. The Treasurer shall be the primary signer on the organizations banking account with the President serving as additional signer. The Treasurer shall be responsible for making recommendations and suggestions to the Board in respect to budgets and other financial matters. The Treasurer is responsible for managing and keeping permanent records of all financial information as well as league registration. The Treasurer is responsible to pay the referees, scorekeepers, and maintenance personnel bi-weekly. The Treasurer is responsible for paying the bills and expenditures incurred by the league on time. The Treasurer is responsible for submitting sanctioning fees, city fees and insurance fees. The Treasurer will submit any federal, state or local tax-exempt paperwork.

Article VI: Board Member Duties

The regular board members consist of the Head Referee, Facilities and Equipment Director, Head Scorekeeper, Fundraising Coordinator, Youth League Coordinator, Adult League Coordinator, Public Relations, Website Manager, Parent Coordinator and Tournament Director.

Section 1: Head Referee- The head referee is responsible for ensuring the certification of all referees involved with SIHL. He/she is responsible for scheduling referees for all games. The Head Referee has the power to cancel any game that he or she feels is unsafe to be played. He/she is responsible for providing the Treasurer with accurate information bi-weekly to allow for the payment of referees.

Section 2: Facilities and Equipment Director- The Facilities and Equipment Director is responsible for ordering, storing, inventorying, cleaning and repairing player equipment. The Facilities and Equipment Director is also responsible for ensuring that there are pucks for all scheduled games, for all coaches at the beginning of the season and for ordering jerseys for the season.  In addition, the Facilities and Equipment Director is responsible for organizing the maintenance of the facility including but not limited to cleaning the rink floor, windows, bathrooms, stands, locker rooms, snack bar, towels for the floor as well as snow and leaf removal. He/she is responsible for deciding to cancel games based on weather and the conditions of the rink no earlier than two hours before the planned start of games and informing the Web Manager, Secretary, Parent Coordinator, Youth and/or Adult League Coordinator and Head Referee in event of rink closure. He/she is responsible for contacting the President at the end of each month with a list of repairs that need to be done by the city, such as leaking faucets, burned out lights and any other repairs.

Section 3: Head Scorekeeper- The Head Scorekeeper is responsible for scheduling scorekeepers for all games. He/she is responsible for reporting accurate information bi-weekly to the Treasurer to allow for the payment of scorekeepers. The Head Scorekeeper is responsible for entering all data into the league management software.

Section 4: Fundraising Coordinator- The Fundraising Coordinator is responsible for organizing fundraisers, disseminating information in a timely manner and maintaining progress reports on the fundraising to be presented at the monthly meeting of the Board.

Section 5: Youth League Coordinator- The Youth League Coordinator is responsible for recruiting and assigning coaches to teams. He/she is responsible for organizing and conducting the draft, placing players on teams, creating official rosters, and presenting copies of the rosters to the Board. The rosters must include team name, coach, age division, player’s names, player’s numbers and contact information for each player and coach. He/she is responsible for placing new players on teams throughout the season as needed and adding them to the official rosters. He/she is responsible for setting up coach’s clinics, coach’s meetings and ensuring the registration of all coaches in the youth league. The Youth League Coordinator is responsible for keeping a database of the email addresses of the members of the league and sending out necessary correspondence and updates via email.

Section 6: Adult League Coordinator- The Adult League Coordinator is responsible for coordinating with the Board for practice times, teams, games, referees, and scorekeepers. He/she is responsible for informing the Board of concerns and the progress of the Adult Competitive League and the Adult Recreational League. The Adult League Coordinator is responsible for keeping a database of the email addresses of the members of the league and sending out necessary correspondence and updates via email.

Section 7: Public Relations Manager- The Public Relations Manager is responsible for advertising registration in every way possible including but not limited to the newspaper, radio stations, television, internet, posters, and the city sign. He/she is responsible for promoting the league by publishing articles in the local newspaper, including pictures when possible, throughout the season. He/ she is responsible for advertising tournaments and special events in the above-mentioned ways.

Section 8: Website Manager- The Website Manager is responsible for maintaining the website by posting current information including but not limited to the minutes and agenda for the meetings of the board, statistics, public notices, registration information, rink conditions, board contact information, current events and pictures.

Section 9: Parent Coordinator- The Parent Coordinator is responsible for recruiting a team parent for each team. He/she is responsible for ensuring that each team parent has contact information for every player on his or her team. The Parent Coordinator must ensure that every parent receives timely information about fundraisers, tournaments, practices, rink conditions and any other information. He/she must be in contact with the Equipment and Facilities Director and other board members to relay the conditions of the facility to team parents.

Section 10: Tournament Director- The Tournament Director is responsible for coordinating with SIHL for scheduling at least one yearly tournament. He/she is responsible for planning, organizing and running all tournaments supporting the SIHL. The Tournament Director has the authority to oversee and make changes to all tournament teams, travel teams and team development programs associated with SIHL.

Article VII: Elections

Section I: Term of Office- Board members shall be elected annually and shall serve a term of one year as well as serve with any person replacing them on the Board for a transition period of up to two months. During the transition period, all records and other information must be turned over to the new Board Members. Up to two positions per Board Member may be held by an individual, however a Board Member receives only one vote regardless of the number of positions held. Any duties of unfilled positions will be spread across the other Board positions.

Section 2: Annual Meeting- Elections will be held at the annual meeting which will be held at the beginning of April for the purpose of electing board members. Notice shall be made not less than 10 days before the meeting. Notice shall include posting at the rink and on the website. Voting at the annual meeting is open to all members as defined in Article III.

Section 3: Running for Election- All candidates for office including the incumbents must contact the current Secretary in writing at least three days before the election stating the desire to run for election and what office he/she is running for. To fill any positions that are vacant after the three-day period, nominations will be taken from the public in attendance at open elections. Nominations will not be taken from the public for positions that have at least one person that has notified the Secretary prior to the three-day deadline. The person running for election must attend the annual meeting or have a representative in attendance to be elected.

Section 4: Voting- Voting will be determined by a show of hands and will be tabulated by the President and seconded by the Vice President. The winner of the election will be determined by a simple majority.

Section 5: Vacancies- In the event of ineligibility, resignation, expulsion or death of any Board Member, the Board shall elect a person to fill the vacancy for the unexpired term of the predecessor.

Section 6: Expulsion- The board shall have the power to expel any member by a simple majority vote of the board members for conduct which is detrimental to SIHL. The member must be notified in writing at least three days prior to the board meeting at which action will be taken.

Article VIII: Regular Meetings

Section 1: Number- The Board shall meet no less than once a month.

Section 2: Quorum- Fifty-one percent of the filled board member positions shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business at any meeting. If a quorum is not present, the President will adjourn the meeting without further discussion and the meeting will be rescheduled as soon as possible.

Section 3: Open meetings- All regular board meetings will be open to the public.

Section 4: Informal Action by the Board - Any action required or permitted to be taken by the board of directors at a meeting may be taken without a meeting if consent in writing, setting forth the action so taken, shall be agreed by the consensus of a quorum.  For purposes of this section an e-mail transmission from an e-mail address on record constitutes a valid writing.  The intent of this provision is to allow the Board to use email to approve actions if a quorum of board members gives consent.

Article IX: Disciplinary and Complaints Committee

Section 1: Members- The members of the Disciplinary Committee shall consist of the Vice President, Head Referee, Coordinator of the league in which the infraction took place, Head Scorekeeper and Secretary. The President may serve as an alternate on the Disciplinary Committee if a member cannot be present or if there is a conflict of interest. No disciplinary hearing will be held with less than five members of the committee present.

Section 2: Responsibilities- This committee is responsible for investigating all complaints presented to the Board and all incidents that require disciplinary action in accordance with the zero-tolerance policy and behavior regulations presented to and signed by each member of the league at registration. Actions will be decided and carried out by this committee as needed.

Article X: Authority to Incur Expenditures or Liabilities

No officer, board member or other representative of SIHL shall authorize or make any expenditure or commit the league to any liability exceeding $100 unless such expenditures shall have been previously approved by the Board or set up in a budget approved by the Board. All receipts for must be turned into the Treasurer monthly. Any receipt over two months old will be considered a donation to the league and not eligible for reimbursement unless brought to the Board's attention for approval within two months of purchase to keep accurate financial records and budgetary concerns.

Article XI: Fiscal Year

The fiscal year of SIHL shall begin on the first day of June and end of the 31st day of May.

Article XII: Amendments to Bylaws

These bylaws may be altered, amended or repealed. New bylaws may be adopted by a simple majority of the filled board member positions at any regular meeting.  SIHL bylaws shall be reviewed annually by the Board.

Article XIII: Dissolution

Upon the dissolution of SIHL, the Board shall, after paying or making provisions of the payment of all liability of the league, tum over all assets to Carson City Parks, Recreation and Open Space.

Article XIV: Fees

Each Board Member shall receive up to one hundred and sixty-five dollars ($165.00) in credit for registrations for regular season hockey play.  Each coach shall receive a credit for registration fees for one child in the session that he/she is coaching. All other fees for coaches such as AAU registration and city fees are not covered.

Article XV: Liability

The officers, board members and other members of the SIHL shall be personally free from all obligations or liability to the organization, its members or any other person for any league or personal liability, debt or claim arising from or out of their service to the league except for negligence or misconduct in the performances of duty, for acts of mission not in good faith, or which involve intentional misconduct or knowing violation of the law or for a transaction from which such person derived an improper personal benefit.